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Specialist Components.

Frazer Nash cooling scoop 1 Frazer Nash cooling scoop 2

Custom cooling scoops for the Frazer Nash Single Seater

Wingfield Special

New bonnet to provide more carb airflow for the Wingfield Special

Seats 1

Twin pickup anti surge fuel collector system designed for a vintage race car

Seats 1 Seats 2 Seats 3

Aluminium seat shells copied from an original for a pre-war Alvis

Moth 1 Moth 2

New lower engine cowl for a Stomp, the Belgian version of the Tiger Moth

Scoop 1 Scoop 2

Air scoop for a supercharged Frazer Nash

Supercharger Frazer Nash Single Seater Supercharger Frazer Nash Single Seater

Not one of our bodies, but a bespoke exhaust tail pipe to improve the beathing of this historic car

Meadows windage trays

Windage trays for the large Meadows engine