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Chevron B19

B19-71-08 has been owned by Mike Catlow since 2000 to date. Had won numerous class wins in the Orwell Supersports Cup Championship and 3rd Overall in 2006. Reason for sale is to exchange for a winged 2-litre car. The car No.8 was damaged in period, but the chassis was retained by John Bridges (who owned Red Rose Racing), who signed the FIA papers as Chassis No.8. After Clermont Ferrand, another car was built for John Hine to continue racing which was no. 25. Price on application to call Mike on 01233 713906 or 07962248783/07706937545.

It's been crack-tested, FIA & HTP papers all in order. I shall be racing the car in the Martini Trophy Series at Silverstone on 17/19 May. Should anyone be interested in seeing it, would also be most welcome.

I have following history record on the car B19/71/8:-

1971 Red Rose Racing Season :

Mar. 20th - Oulton Park, 10 laps, John Hine; car not entered.

Apr. 4th - Brands Hatch, BOAC 1000kms, John Hine, car entered.

Apr. 9th - Oulton Park, RAC Sports Car 20 laps, J Hine qualified the brand new car, 4th on grid with 1'38"40, after only 5 laps. However, flywheel came off FVC and car did not make the start.

Apr.18th - Paul Ricard, 2 Litre Round 1, Brian Redman/Richard Attwood, but the car suffered from poor handling finishing 8th overall.

May 8th - Silverstone, RAC Sports Car 20 laps, J Hine, 2nd overall.

May 23rd - Salzburgring, 2 Litre Round 2, J Hine, 3rd overall. Niki Lauda driving John Bridges own Red Rose Team car, finished 1st.

June 10th - Silverstone, Martini Trophy, 2 litre Round 3, RAC Sports Car, J Hine set practice time 1'25.8; 200th sec. slower than Vic Elford's pole position. Two spins and fuel feed problems resulted in 14th position for the first heat, leading to retirement on lap five in the 2nd heat.

June 20th - Clermont Ferrand, Auvergne Trophy, J Hine set a practice time of 3'56", but suffered 2 spins in practice and crashed during the race and damaged the chassis.

July 4th - Hockenheim, 2 Litre Round 4, Replacement chassis for Hine's crashed Clermont car was hurriedly put together. Toine Hezeman jumped the Chevron queue and bought the car. He had the loan of Hine's engine and gear box, also taking over the Red Rose entry. This car was transported by Chevrons using the carnet of Hine's Clermont car and Chevron mechanics. Chassis No. 8 was not rebuilt until a later date but still owned by John Bridges.

Catlow B19 1 Catlow B19 2 Catlow B19 3